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Guy’s Top Ten Fun Favourite Stuff!

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  Multi-use Recylclable Water Bottles  Easy care cycling shorts  Helpful road signs! 4. Kind people 5. Books 6. Toilets 7. String 8. Earthworms – as they are not hung up on ‘gender’ the whole time, so therefore don’t need special toilets or changing rooms. 9. Me as I love myself The End! Thanks for Listening!

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Guy’s Top Ten Fav Peeps

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These are my fav people! Do you agree? PS I apologise for the high number of ‘dead white males’in this list but please note that Confuscius was not ‘white’ but probably Chinese. Also Stephen Hawkins was disabled and Nelson Mandella, though conventionally considered ‘male’ was also a person of colour. Thanks for listening! Rosa Parkes…

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