Guy’s Top Ten Food Snacks #Influenester


I’m someone who beleives passionately in food! Here’s my (almost!) guilt free list of great snacks which I recommend to all of you. Note to Unethical Companies such as dairy and meat companies: As a young ‘influenster’ I don’t promote unethical products so don’t ask me to do this on my blog as the answer is NO!





  1. Dairy-free ice cream
  2. Fair Trade Choc!
  3. Dog. And no I don’t mean ‘dog’. I mean quinow and kealu dog in a swripwrap please! Yum!
  4. Potatoes (also French fries)
  5. M&Ms
  6. Strawberry yoghurt drink but dairy free UK stawberries, though this is NOT anti immigrant as it is focussing on “airmiles”
  7. Pale Rice
  8. Green Tea
  9. Anything vegan!
  10. Natural Rice


so scrumptious!

a special kinda hot dog!


Yummy green tea


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