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First, Me.


My name is Guy.


I have quite often thought about changing this situation, however, due to the inevitable negative preconceptions of its so-called ‘male-ness’. Please note my quote marks!  This is something I’ll probably get around to in the future, tbh, as at this particular stage I’m not sure I can bother with the inevitable faff. In the meanwhile my friends sometimes call me ‘MW/WM’, which at first probably seems like a mouthful but is in fact, very simply, an inverse ‘M’(as in ‘Man’)/’W’(as in ‘Woman’), and then the inverse of the inverse, and the inverse of that, bringing us to a place I like to call “invers-a-blivion”.  A no-person’s land, ie a non-binary Gender Ze. Deliberately confusing, for those who are still hung up on these kind of delineations, which I am not.


I do not delineate. I am just ‘Me’ and ‘Me’ is a person I don’t judge or apologise for.  We are all our own people, right? Like you, I was, dumped without an instruction manual onto this amazing yet crazy planet. The only difference being, ‘YOU’ are amazing ‘YOU’,  and ‘Im’ amazing  ‘ME’,  aka ‘Guy’, identified by my biological ‘parents’ as ‘male’ – before that concept was identified as meaningless.


To reiterate and ‘recap’: I am ‘me’ of the human species. So, you can call me, ME. Or MW/WM. Or some people prefer MW. Like a posh person doing an airkiss – but obviously without the ‘ah”. People who call me “Mwah” actually annoy me quite a lot. They are missing the point 100 per cent. I am not a posh person doing an airkiss. I am MW/WM. Environmentalist, Humanist, Animalist, Plantist, Earthist,  Equalitist. HUMAN.


I do appreciate that MW/WM can be a bit of a tongue twister (if you are lucky to have a tongue, and obviously I don’t mean to diminish those who don’t have tongue/s.) For example– a tongue-free person is not considered by me to be tongue-‘less’. Because, if you actually think about it, where some people may have a tongue, others have thought and feeling which is ‘sensitivity’.


So. To commence at the start… My name is Guy (see above). I am 18 years old. I am studying for an Associate Degree in Water Recylcement at the Uni of Water, Lakeside, Brighton.  And yes, its’ a BLAST!  And yes, like most of my generation, I look around me, as a human being, and I am disgusted by what can only be described as ‘the situation’.  Please note quote marks.


Literally everything has got to change.


Ok – so I have decided the only way things are going to change in my lifetime is via Communication. I want to ‘communicate’ to other young people about how it only takes one person, in this case ME/MW, to do there bit day by day and step by step, so that together we can turn this world into a world that rejects injustice and inequality, and which we can be proud to call ‘our planet’.


Even if blogs are more for ‘the old’ folk nowadays, they aren’t always for ‘senior’ persons, as the well known and amazing student blog  “SexintheCity a journey into my sexuality illustrates”, and this is something I have thought about deeply. Sometimes  ‘words’ are the best weapons. Even though I appreciate they are not something my generation of young people is overly fond of reading, and they can sometimes come across as out of touch and ‘old fashioned’, in my opinion ‘words’ remain the ultimate tool for humanity and change. More so than ‘images’, which in my opinion are ultimately responsible for a generation of young people with negative self love and self image issues.


So, that is why, I have decided to go a head and publish my ‘Word Diary’. Obviously first I have to write it.  I’m calling it my ‘Blog-a-Day’. That is only a manner of speaking, though, as I am probably not going to write it ‘every day’. Sometimes I’ll probably be just to damn tired, too damn heartbroken about injustice – but, I am going to try.  I am proud that I am doing this, even if sometimes its’ going to be to much for me. The fact that I am trying is something I love about myself.


Its’ going to be a year in the life of someone who feels passionate about justice, fairness, tolerance and inclusivity.  And I’m going to begin – don’t laugh – on a very specific date, which is today, because today is traditionally the date of new beginnings, new hopes and new commencements. It so happens that today is what our patriarchal society labels  ‘January 1st’.  Note the quote marks.


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‘January’ 1st


So today is the holidays and I am staying at home with Mum and Dad for the holiday break. Their good guys, I guess. Mum is a teacher. She does learning support at a school in Islington, which is quite a commute but she usually drives. Eighty-three percent of her students are diverse. She is very caring. My Dad works at the Beeb in, like, the current affairs area, I think. His job sort of moves around and it’s a bit difficult to keep track because it’s quite technical. But he cares deeply about the world at large and that’s where I think I got it from. Mum and Dad taught me to care about people, and the environment and politics. Even so, they are very old fashioned, even though they think they aren’t, and after a solid two weeks in their company some of there attitudes are driving me a bit C-R-A-Z-Y. So after lunch I took Tilly Four Paws, as Mum calls our best-dog-in-the-

world, for a walk around Richmond Park. Needless to say, motorists and other walkers- I’m going to stop there for one sec as I realise I forgot to say something very Important!


Btw If you like my Blog-A-Day, if you support what I am doing, and you want to make this world a different, better, fairer place, where not just the few but the many can be happy and that includes animals and plants – then don’t forget to tell your friends.


Welcome to my world. Please like and share.


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‘January’ 1st cont.


Oops I didn’t mean to post that. Sorry.


Anyway it’s the selfishness of the other park users that gets to me. The deers were in the park, grazing happily on the frostbitten turf, with the crisp air biting on my cheeks and hands (coming over poetic!) and some idiot let’s their dog off the lead and the dog literally charges through the pack or herd or whatever. Meanwhile I literally saw one guy throwing his trash out the window. These are the sort of things – everyday little things that can wear you away, if you let them. But I’m not going to get worn away because this is the beginning of a new start.


Tilly Four Paws was trying to get off her lead, but I said ‘no’, because of the wildlife. Mum wasn’t there. I was actually doing the walk on my own, so it gave me time to think about stuff. That was what gave me the brainwave of this Blog-A-Day. Because if you want to CHANGE stuff, you have to DO stuff. I realised in a flash, that’s my – like, ‘T-shirt’ for the Year. I’m actually going to do a design and go to Snappy Snaps and get it made up as a T-shirt although I might not be able to afford this. Perhaps I can get an ethical business to offer sponsorship and I can get loads of T-shirts printed? Unfortunately without ethical funding it’s probably impossible. I am a student and yet – therefore – I am broke. Go figure.


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‘January’ 2nd


So my course is two years long but I feel I have to cram so much info in, it really ought to be three years at least. When you consider it, the world wouldn’t survive without water – you might have thought it would take longer than a year to get around the details of the recyclement – much of which info is quite dry lol. The course is pretty boring. Can I say that? Well anyway I just did! Eco-water-filtration systems are vital in many corners of the world, some of which depend on systems I am learning about for clean, sustainable water 24/7. But I’m not writing an essay for uni! The fact is, my course end-of-year exams are in ‘June’ (a month named after the Patriarch to end all patriarchs if my history memory is correct. None other than ‘Julius Caesar’, who as well as founding Rome actually named an entire ‘month’ after himself…ffs the ego of it, makes youre head spin!) After that, ie the month of ‘June’/ ‘Junius’ Caesar, I will probably have to find a job, as I do not think I will pass the exams and I’m not even sure I can hack the course until then. Fascinating as the subject may be I’m not sure I want to spend the rest of my life discussing water filtration systems. Plus the exams are a b*tch, frankly. I’ve never been good at exams. I tend to get very stressed – and at school I was designated extra time for this reason, but this isn’t something available to me now without a lot of extra hassle. And it’s not something I want to dedicate my energy to. Unfortunately I probably won’t get as far as the exams in any case.



I want to make a difference, sure. But not in the field of water. I’ve gradually come to the realisation that ‘water’ isn’t really me as I now feel I have more to offer in the field of ‘politics’. This is why I am very seriously considering changing course options, as there’s one which my friend Tree does (Tree is short for ‘Triveni’ btw, which is apparently ‘Hindu’ for ‘Sacred Rivers’) which she says has got ‘me’ written all over. It’s called Social Theology: Protest and Change. And I am passionate about both of those things. Water Recyclement is a great course, and very worthwhile, but tbh I am finding it quite hard to keep up. Obviously I haven’t mentioned this to Dad and Mum .


So today it was rainy, and I didn’t get a lot done, although I thought quite alot about the T-shirt idea. What I need is some ethical businesses to get on-board. The question is, where to find them? Is thier even such a thing in this day an age? I honestly don’t know.


Tilly Four Paws had already been out with Mum and Dad by the time I got up so I didn’t really get to go out of the house. Mum cooked bacon which I think she did to spite me, even though she knows I am a committed veggie now – very nearly vegan but not quite! (Work in progress.) My baby sister, Lena, (17 going on 30) was killing me, going on about how gorgeous her bacon snack was. As I said to her – yes, gorgeous to be feasting on the blood of another creature, I’m sure! She had the grace to look a little bit conscious-stricken, I am pleased to say.


Mum and Dad kept saying the bacon was free range and organic, like it made all the difference. But as usual, they’re missing the point. I can’t wait to get back to uni.


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Angie Dreyer Oh great so now we got a white boy telling us he’s passionate about social justice and equality and in the same breath using the most misogynistic word in the UK language. Why am I not surprised? Fuck you ‘MWWM’ and fuck your crappy blog-a-day. Why don’t you just shut the fuck up? View 6 more comments

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‘Jan’ 3rd


Messaged Tree to tell her I was seriously considering swapping courses at this point. I really respect Tree’s opinion more than pretty much anyone so I asked her if she was around to meet up for a chat about it. She only lives in, like, South Kensington (very posh!) so I could bike over no problem.


She hasn’t replied yet, but I know she’s seen the message …. Aaargh! Hope she doesn’t think I’m ‘stalking’ her! Because I’m not, obviously. I’m just wondering if she might have a spare sec to tell me a bit more about the course before I ‘dive in’, as it were. An added bonus of changing courses is that I would have another year at uni, as I don’t think I could change from Water Recyclement and Filtration at this late stage, as it is a two year course. So I could ‘finish’ the first year of Water Recylement, even if I don’t ‘sit the exams’. I will still be a lot more up on the subject of Water Reclylement than other people, and this might well come in handy in my future career, and then next year I can just move across to Social Theology: Protest and Change, which I feel really fits me much better.


I messaged Tree at about 2pm so I’m not sure why she hasn’t replied yet. Maybe she’s busy.


I’m not very tired, but I think I’ll go to bed.


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‘Jan’ 17th


AN APOLOGY – Yesterday, like, out of nowhere, a whole bunch of people were reading and sharing and reacting to my ‘Jan 2nd’ post, which I posted over two weeks ago. I wish so much I could say people were reacting positively but obviously they were not. In my ‘Jan 2nd’ post, as a lot of disappointed people have rightly pointed out to me, I used a truly hateful and disgusting word, albeit with an asterisk in the middle, this doesn’t make it OK. I won’t repeat that word, but it began with ‘B’. There is no excuse for me to have used it and I am ashamed of my word choice and apologise unreservedly for my poor choice of words, also for the anger, hurt and disappointment felt by readers. I alone take responsibility for the mistake. I am very, very sorry to have let you down and myself.   I will of course delete it as soon as I work out how to get back to a previous post to edit.


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JazzaP Nice one bro! Apology Axepted!

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Megan Richards What a tool you are. You think saying sorry makes it ok? WRONG.

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Steve Clements Zzzzz

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RoverJK Why don’t you just FUCK OFF

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StraightGurl This is exactly the sort of piss-fest we, as women, deal with Every Day. Domestic abuse, misogyny and female objectification BEGIN from a place, Toolboy, and that place is the ENGLISH LANGUAGE – and it begins with the words that fuck-heads like you use unthinkingly because misogyny is ENDEMIC to the way see and speak to each other. When tf you going to GET that???

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Alex Powell No worries! We all make mistakes. Keep at it bro! Don’t let the haters hate. We luv what ur doin’! View 8 more comments

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….. to be continued…..


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